Chicken Feeding equipment

January 9th, 2011
picture of chickens drinking

Chickens drinking from nipple drinking system

Poultry Pan Feeding system for South Africa. Feeding a big, or also smaller flock of hens generally is a time consuming job. This is a critical component of nurturing poultry and feeding your poultry can be made less difficult. Chicken Shack Agencies has produced a pan feeder which is ideally suited to African Conditions. It’s produced locally in South Africa from top quality plastic and has been on the market for fifteen years.

Traditionally South African Farmers have brought in their poultry equipment from overseas. This is an pricey operation, and service and back up has not always been great. Poultry farm equipment manufacturers supply a pan feeding system – it is a number of pan feeders which are connected to a galvanised tube. An Auger drags the food along the galvanised pipe from the silo and distributes the poultry food to the pans. When the chickens eat, the pan mechanically refills. This saves considerable time and you may manage exactly how much food your hens are getting. Learn more about types of poultry houses.

A properly manufactured pan feeder will not block and can help you save money in the long term. To view a relevant video of exactly how this system performs and how easy it really is to usePan Feeder Video. The great thing about our pan feeders is the ease with which you can add more feeders or take out a feeder for servicing. You do not have to strip the whole line – and that is the situation with many pan feeding devices in the marketplace. Our items are made in South Africa so we offer complete service and backup on all of our pan feeding systems. A number of the top chicken farmers in the country are very enthusiastic about our systems. Understand that when you have problems during a cycle – you need to sort it out Now. You cannot wait for assistanceif your system comes from overseas it could be a long wait.

The installation of the system is the easy part – service and support continue for 15 years and there are extremely few poultry equipment manufacturers who are able to provide the kind of on-site support that Chicken Shack Agencies can. So beware of glib sales people offering a cost that is too good to be true – because that’s what it is – too good to be true! You need follow up support and chicken equipment spares to be obtainable 24/7.

Nipple drinkers are used in large poultry houses

Chicks drinking from a nipple

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